Friday, March 1, 2019

Berdendi: Environmental Breakdown

This post is related to my megadungeon, Berdendi. See a list of related posts here and the first one here.

Berdendi is going to be a regional pointcrawl with 4 main inner regions and 2 sub outer regions. I want travel through the megadungeon to be through themed regions with individual locations placed within them, I don't want to individually map every square. Using a pointcrawl also allows me to easily expand the scope to be miles-long instead of hundreds of feet as a normal, fully-mapped megadungeon.

The inside of the mountain is loosely themed around an ancient metropolis that was encased in rock for some primal transgression. The city has had its back broken by the thousands of years since then, but I want it to be evident that Berdendi was once a thriving magical empire throughout. Forced rapid evolution by prolonged exposure to the Water of Life causing bizarre mutated creatures and a lush, plant-filled interior.

Berdendi Regions (Major Regions)

  • Ruined metropolis
  • Sentient spells and haywire magic
  • Thick plantlife, everywhere
  • Mutants, climbers and immortals living in constant conflict
  • Mutual distrust and paranoia

The Drains

  • Lowest geographic region in Berdendi
  • Collects all the drainage and seepage from the whole rest of the mountain
  • Large river winds through whole area and out to the ocean
  • Filled with scavenger creatures and scavenger crews
  • Heavy vibe of decay and growth from death
  • Drips of water everywhere, very rarely are drops of Water of Life
  • Flurried ambushes between increasingly terrifying predators

Low City

  • The gutters and lower regions of the ancient metropolis
  • Ruins of old market streets, old hideouts, seedy bars and taverns
  • Forges and factories, some old and decrepit and some still producing
  • Descendants of street gangs, ancient city constructs, exiled underworld mages
  • Overgrown gardens, hedge elementals, barely recognizable mutated pets, urban jungle
  • Cramped access tunnels and narrow streets between crumbling buildings and winding caverns
  • Vials and flasks of Water of Life peddled by hooded dealers

High Reaches

  • The wealthy regions and ruling class of the city stacked on top of the Low City
  • Ruins of wealthy manses and impressive institutions
  • Guardian spells, creatures and constructs patrolling open caverns and shattered walls
  • Immortals who never learned to give up a grudge feuding against each other
  • Roaming monstrosities from private menageries
  • Ivy-choked walkways and bridges connecting precarious towers, massive fungal growths
  • Powerful ritual sites that never went dormant
  • Jealously guarded kegs and barrels of the Water of Life

Sky Chamber

  • A colossal open chamber above even the highest mansion
  • Fountain of Youth forms a giant blistering sun-facsimile in the ceiling
  • Demigods fighting an aerial never-ending war over the Fountain
  • Buoyant plant life exuding lighter-than-air gases and bobbing slowly through the air
  • Primordial creatures with mutations that have never seen the light of day
  • Massive amounts of the Water of Life flow out of the Fountain of Youth every second

Outer Regions (Sub Regions)


  • moss and vine covered ledges
  • sharp rocks and tiny waterfalls
  • scuttling crab creatures feeding on the myriad variety of seabirds
  • shattered remains of clockwork climbing machines
  • forgotten corpses of dead climbers
  • groups of pitons leading hundreds of feet, possibly totally rusted through, who knows


  • Seabirds replaced by gargantuan Thunderbirds
  • Eternal hurricane
  • Lightning-blasted scars hundreds of feet long
  • Weather cults tucked in among caves hidden from the wind
  • Pillar of light from the Fountain shooting straight up out of the summit

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